Our Employees

We hire talented people, and we help them grow along with the organization. We go above and beyond for the well-being of our employees by not only offering them salaries well-above the market range but also with other allowances.

Tea & Coffee
Our leaders believe in nurturing talent and helping them grow individually and collaboratively. With tailor-made training programs, our talent management team ensures that work at Talentshell is exciting and fulfilling.

At Talentshell,

We pride ourselves on hiring great people . Great people, who are passionate about what they do. Who understands the nature of your business, values, and your customers. Who believes that every call is priceless and goes above and beyond to provide an enriched customer experience . They are our people, our team. And they are Talentshell’s primary asset.

Staff Testimonials

It is fascinating to see how everyone here has a spirit of collaboration. A sense of “let’s grow together ”. Which I believe enables us to provide every client and customer an equally excellent service”.

“I’m very proud of the team we have managed to build up at Talentshell. I have seen this team grow over the years, not just in number but individually as well”

Manager - Operations

“We understand the challenges of working with clients and customers who are from different countries and backgrounds. But we transform those challenges to provide customized solutions while maintaining 100% customer satisfaction rates.

For example, one might think that Talentshell being a BPO based in Sri Lanka the team here might not be fluent in English. But as you can see, I’m an employee at Talentshell and I’m fluent in the language. And I can guarantee you that the team here has undergone not only skill tests but also language tests to ensure the fluency of English..

Marketing Associate

The Interview Process

This comprises Four Stages to filter and confirm the most suitable candidate for the job role. Starting with,

An Initial Screening
A Role Play Session
A discussion with the Management
A session with a representative of the client.

Our Key Points

Induction & Orientation
Leader Boards
Daily Stand-Ups
Training Days & Workshops
Additional Support by Trainers & Management
Awards & Recognitions
Open Door Policy